About JTC

Julius Lopez– Guitar/ Lead Vocals

Kenny Miranda– Guitar/ Vocals

Dave Nosa– Drums

Jimmy Escobar– Bass

Short Bio: Johnny Two Chords is made up of long time friends from Miami who enjoy playing loud and fast and always having a good time. After undergoing many changes in the line-up the family remains close and the music keeps on coming as smooth and as often as their booze.

Full Bio:

For their whole lives Julius and Kenny have had a passion towards punk rock and skateboarding. Once middle school came along for them they picked up their first guitars and immediately were playing along to bands like Pennywise, Blink, Rancid, etc. From then and throughout high school they continued with their music both playing in several separate local bands and eventually started jamming again with local friend Joey Swid. He had the idea for the name “Johnny Two Chords” due to his knowledge of only two chords on his guitar. At that point the band was just a joke project where they’d get together after school and play as fast as they can, with a sound influenced by bands like The Casualties and A Global Threat, and had only a handful of songs mostly about STDs and prostitution. After Joey graduated and left for the marines, Julius and Kenny continued with a new surf punk/reggae trio Scotty the Manatee for the remainder of their time in school. Years later they would separate to start new upcoming projects with friends, whom neither were experienced in drumming to say the least. Ironically both of them were given some private help from mutual friend Dave Nosa at the time. Shortly after, Kenny joined Julius’ project at the time called the Cunning Stunts, with other local buddies Ryan and Josh. After Ryan left to the army they recruited David on bass guitar and the quartet wrote a number of songs under the name “Johnny Two Chords.” For about a year the band began to perform around South Florida until they lost their drummer Josh. For months they played without a drummer and kept working on new material until Dave finally came along to fill in. From then on they picked up from where they left off and continued to perform locally and eventually record two EPs titled “Banana Butter” and “Mondaze.” In the spring of 2015 their bassist David left the band for business but the trio continued to perform with temporary fill-ins from locals around the scene, write their first original songs with Dave on drums and even record their first full length album made up of the original tracks they had written with former drummer Josh, hence the title “The Chronicles of Josh.” Since the album’s release, the quartet has opened up for national acts like Badfish and Kottonmouth Kings and many shows throughout the South Florida scene with different bass players and recently even as a three piece as Julius moved to bass. Now they are working hard with their good friend Jimmy on bass guitar from fellow SoFlo band, Modern Natives, and are working on a number of new material. Starting out 2017 the band released their EP “Single-Handedly Changing Nothing…” and will continue to play endless shows as they do.

Sounds Like: Mostly mid ’90s skate and surf punk infused with spontaneous reggae transitions, and a heavy hardcore influence.

Influences: Pennywise, Sublime, Descendents, Nofx, Bad Religion, Rancid, Clash, Pepper, Goldfinger, H2O, No Use, Agent Orange, Black Flag, Refused, Sick of it All, Good Riddance, Lagwagon, Suicide Machines, and many elements of surf rock, ska, pop punk and hardcore.